Saturday, November 26, 2011


We are BYU football fans through and through. So from the moment we hear BYU would be playing in Texas we knew we'd be going. We drove to Austin hit the tailgate party where we stocked up on BYU swag and then went on to the game. We took the boys but opted to leave the girls home. Despite the heat we all had a great time.

Natural Bridge Caverns

We finally made it Natural Bridge Caverns. We've talked about going since we moved here. Our final motivation was to go before the baby came b/c it's not stroller friendly and who wants to carry a baby around for that long in that kind of humidity.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First day of school

Jack and Alyssa are at the same school and walk to and from school together.
Alyssa is in kindergarten with Mrs. England
Jack is in 4th grade with Mrs. Oliver

Gavan is in 6th grade and has too many teachers to list as he has 7 periods.
He didn't want to cooperate with pictures and kept goofing off so in retaliation I will now post his silliness for all to see.
Sadie is in Pre-K and has Mrs. Renee and Mrs. Jessica

Back to school fashion show

It wouldn't be back to school time without our traditional jumbo cookie...

and fashion show....

Snake Farm

Not my idea of fun but, we took the kids to the snake farm and petting zoo. The kids liked the snakes, I found them creepy. We were joined by our cousins, which always makes it more fun.

The kids loved the petting zoo. This particular goat was very brave and kept stealing the kids food bags.

Jack watching in horror as the goat took Sadie's food bag.

sadie didn't like that.

Fire station

A group of us took our kids on a tour of the local fire station. The kids got to climb in the vehicles, tour the buildings and see where the firemen slept, ate and took phone calls.
They got to see the jaws of life in action and watch it crush a soda can. They had tons of fun despite the heat.

Children's Museum

I took the kids to the children's museum over the summer thanks to a great deal from Groupon. It was a smaller museum than we were used to but the kids loved it all the same.

The kids loved the ATM. You'd get money out and turn it into the gift shop for a free pencil when you left.

They spent a lot of time in the grocery store.

They also really liked the camping area with the fire pit, fishing poles, caves and canoe

The girls LOVED the hospital nursery.

Jack & Gavan enjoyed looking at slides on the microscope