Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy

Yesterday at school my 7 year old son Jack, lost a tooth. He was wiggling it and it just fell out. He has always been very apprehensive when it comes to pulling out his teeth. He cries every time we pull one no matter how loose it is.

One time, Grandma Ruth gave it $20 to make him stop crying and let her pull the tooth. The tooth was so loose Grandma just had to be lift it out, but he was still hysterical.

He was so excited to tell me all about his tooth when I picked him up from school. The first thing he said was "I didn't even cry!" At our house the tooth fairy runs internet specials and her tooth rate varies daily to encourage kids to pull there teeth out in timely manner. I told Jack the tooth fairy pays an extra dollar if you don't cry when you lose a tooth. (I'll do anything to prevent crying in the future). Before he went to bed he wrote this letter to the the tooth fairy.
Ms. Fairy,
My mom said if you dont cry while getting a tooth pulled you get 1 extra dollar. Can I get 2 extra dollars? Because I pulled it out and didn't cry.

From Jack Thank you.

I LOVE this boy! He is so funny!!