Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

Besides our trip to AL we haven't had much time to enjoy our summer. Those two weeks were a BlAsT and a well needed break from the real world! We've had so much to do to take care of my parents that the summer has just slipped away. I really wanted to do some fun day outings around town through out the summer, but wasn't able to fit much in. In an attempt to reclaim our summer we crammed in few fun events during the last couple of weeks.

Gary took the boys on the father-son camp out. The boys has a blast, rafting and making smores. While the boys were gone, we had a girls night out. We painted our fingers and toes to prepare us for an evening of FuN! We went to dinner with our friends, went shopping and had ice cream. Alyssa LOVED hanging out with her friends and doing girlie stuff. She keeps asking me when we can do it again.

Gary also took the older three fishing a couple of times while Sadie and I had some one-on-one time. I will make Gary post about his adventures with the kids soon.

For our last Fun Friday I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. The kids love earning tickets to buy prizes at the end.

Gavan loved this water shooting game because he always won against Jack.

Sadie and Alyssa shared a lot of rides and had lots of fun together.

Gavan playing Skeet ball.

Jack really got into driving this 4x4. I picture his first car being all decked out much like this one.

Sadie always wanted out of this one before the ride was over.

Check out all the tickets Jack won off of ONE game!

The kids were so nice to each other the entire time. Gavan willingly gave Jack a few tokens when he ran out before everyone else. It was a good day for everyone!

The girls really liked this toy. All it did was go in circles but that was enough for them.

Since the girls were having so much fun on it Jack had to try it too.