Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Activities

Yes I am late on posting this but it is better late than never so here goes.
Last week I have made many foods with Valentine's theme, mostly treats. Here is the week in review.

Chocolate Rice Krispie hearts

Heart and Lips shaped gigglers

Heart shaped Brownies

We had our actual "family" valentine's meal on Friday so Gary and I could have a date on Valentine's day. Here is what we ate:

Heart shaped bread sticks and heart pizza.
OK, these really are a my pretzel recipe but they are so much easier than bread sticks so I just season them as bread sticks and they are almost as good.
The kids got to help make the bread sticks as part of fun Friday.
This kids love it when they get to have sparkling juice for a special occation.

And heart shaped cherry chip flavored cupcakes for dessert.

I think I have seen enough hearts for awhile!

Don't go and think I am this domestic and fun all the time. I just get a wild hair around a few particular holidays and go with it. I figure quirky traditions make for fun childhood memories. I can't wait for April fools day. That is my all time favorite meal to plan!


Jordan Merrell said...

I think that you need to teach a class on creativity! Everything you do is so cute!

Nicole D said...

Thanks Jordan. I put up good front, most of my creative ideas come from other sources. I am a great copy-cat.

The Conductor said...

Nicole, you are flat-out lying about not being domestic and fun all the time... Look at you! Love it. I love how you make memories for and with your kids! Please, do share your April Fools Day menu ideas... That's a holiday I don't usually get "into" too much, but maybe you can help me change that? You are so inspiring!!