Thursday, November 12, 2009

New House

I have had several request to post pictures of our new house. So here are a few "before" pictures.

The front of the house. Well, some of it.
Our two level deck. I love it!
The living room just off the kitchen. Sorry it's a bit blurry.
Same room, just with Gary's temporary bed set up while he waits for the movers to arrive.

Part of the kitchen and breakfast nook. There is also a formal dinning room but we will never use it as that. We are not formal people.
different angle, same room.
Part of the entryway and formal dinning room. Looking from the stairs.
Taken from entryway. Dinning room to the left.

The upstairs loft/game room.
same room just empty and different angle.

Upstairs hallway. Very open upstairs. I envision lots of toys being thrown over the railing

The master bedroom looking into the hall and bathroom.
My closet. I don't know where Gary will put his clothes. :)
This is our favorite room in the whole house! This is the boys new room.
We thought about leaving it just like the previous owners and making a guest room and renting it out as a "themed" room. It would be just like the Anniversary Inn only in Texas. Apparently Gary didn't like that idea because he painted this room the day we closed on the house. Gary calls this "The Room From Uranus."

WARNING: those with weak stomachs don't proceed... This next room is "The Booger Room". On the day of the final walk through this is what Gary found.
This is a 4'x3' section of the wall in the girls new room that was plastered in boogers. It is bad enough when it is your kids boogers but a strangers...Just NASTY! (the lighting has been altered to show the details better). You can tell the owner made an attempt to scrape and spackle over some of them and just gave up.
This is part of Gary's cleaning process. Soaking the petrified heebies in wet toilet paper for an hour to "reconstitute" them so they'd wash off. Did I mention I am so glad I didn't find this pleasant surprise?

Needless to say the girls get a new paint job as well. Thanks for painting the kids room Gary!


Jenny said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures! It looks awesome! I can't believe the surprise you got on the wall.....that is disgusting!! I too would be happy I wasn't there to see it! :) Good luck with the move and let us know what we can do to help.