Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fish House

Gary was really looking forward to eating at an authentic catfish house while we were on vacation. He did his research before we left and found a place about 25 miles away.

We set a date (July 6th) to go there for dinner. We got there and this is what we found...

We all thought this was pretty funny because this place is all Gary couldn't stop talking about. Good thing we had a back up.
This place was just a hole in the wall place mom and pop shop. It was great for the kids because it was very open and roomy. I'm not big on fried food but as far as fried food goes it was very good.
How could you not like a place with a stuffed catfish hanging over your head?

CJ impressing us by eating a catfish tail.
Hannah had to try the tail too, along with some of the other kids. Gavan said it tasted like potato chips. Eeeeew!
Sadie was hiding from CJ because he was trying to talk to her.

The best part for the kids was the ice cream. They had 25¢ ice cream cones. So we bought the kids cones and stopped by DQ for the adults. Mean huh?!

This is one of the times Sadie liked CJ, after all he did buy the ice cream.
Sadie sharing with Alyssa.