Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rock City

One place we took the kids while in Tennessee was Rock City. It is also called Lookout Mountain. I can't say that without hearing Dora the Explorer say it... Looookout MOUNTAIN! It seems to me that all the tourist traps in Tennessee that are NOT stroller friendly. This place was one of them. Despite having to carry Sadie for several hours while we walked around and explored, we had a blast.

It has several lookout points. One place you could see seven states at one time! Many of the lookout points were too nauseating for me. I guess I have a fear of heights to some degree.

There were many breath-taking views. I love this water fall.

This was a fun little (shaded) pavilion that we stopped to take a rest out. Our cute little girls wore their matching shirts. (And it made it very easy to find them.)
The kids loved to look through these things. I am sure they have a name but I don't know what it is.
Sadie, Alyssa, Jack and Gavan
Sadie and her Daddy.

All the cousins minus Alyssa in front of one of the caves.
One of the many narrow passages.
It was tricky trying to hold onto Sadie was we went through some of these tight places. The boys loved the area called "fat man's squeeze". It was a narrow passage (like this one) that you had to turn sideways to walk through. They had several passages through the rock formations that were short and narrow. I would go back here again, when Sadie was older of course.
Our cute little family.