Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Truck for sale!

It always seems that Murphy's Law comes into full effect when you are trying to get things done in the most efficient way.

Yesterday we had quite the adventure. Cameron came down to help move stuff to storage to make the move easier when the time comes. We loaded up the truck and Gary and Cameron headed to the storage unit.

This is the only pictures I got of the truck loaded with all my parent's things.

They get there and the managers forgot to take the lock off our unit. They told us it would be off two days earlier so we could get in when we were ready. The office was closed of course. The guys headed back to the house to find someone with bolt cutters. On the way home the truck overheated and started leaking green goo. I took them water and followed them home. We arrived at the house just as the truck began over heat and smoke again.

Now, we had to find someone with a truck b/c ours is out of commission. Fortunately Cameron's brother lives in town and has his dad's truck. We really lucked out there. No one had bolt cutters. So they grabbed a battery of tools, hack saw, 2 crowbars & a huge hammer to name a few. I think they enjoyed demolishing the lock despite all the hassle.

I still can't believe out of all the tools my dad owns he doesn't have one of these. I guess he doesn't have one of EVERYTHING!

A job that should have taken only three hours ended up taking six because of all the "hiccups" that we ran into. But in the end the house is in better shape for showing potential buyers. Now to get ready for another yard sale next month.