Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ginger bread house of Horrors

For the past few years we have made Gingerbread men with the kids. It is always funny to see what the kids come up with for decorations. We always take before and after pictures as some of them become decapitated in the cooking process and thus their looks change drastically.

Sadie is always trying to get in and help out. She didn't want to decorate the cookies she just wanted to eat the candy. It really made the kids mad when she took candy off a gingerbread man.

This year Alyssa was old enough to actually do more than just watch and eat the candy.
Before baking
I love how the candy corns melted and oosed! And just for the record candy corns are soooo much better after they have been baked. The melting and then hardening is so much better than their previous state. I can't stand normal candy corns at all but I could actually tolerate them this way. It is like marshmallow peep, they are best eaten once they have hardened a bit.
A close up of the candy corn massacre. I love how it looks like his brains are leaking!
This one is mine. He reminds me of Targets domo dude.