Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Favorite Blogs

These are few of my favorite blogs. Seriously So Blessed, is hilarious! The author who I don't know sure knows capture all the Stereotypes of the "LDS/Utah" cultural. Love it, love it, love it!

Now if you don't subscribe to the fail blog you are so missing out! This video is from today post and made me laugh, it's called Honking Fail.

I also like Tip Junkie. This lady gets ideas/tips from other women bloggers and posts them on her site. She always has giveaways too. Todays post wasn't my favorite but I liked the locker decorating one from the other day.

Here is another one I love to stock, Simply Sweets. This lady makes the most beautiful cakes!
This is the link to one of the cakes I just love!

I love to hear what blogs you secretly stock.

Edited to add:
I can't believe I forgot to add my all time favorite blog EVER.... Vinyl Keepsakes
If you don't check out any other link on this page you MUST check out this one and don't forget to subscribe **hint, hint**. I am always adding new designs and post all my sales there. Just a littler teaser, soon I will be posting some of my new bathroom themed vinyl.


Emily said...

**Cough Cough** i think you forget one of the other best ones out there. Don't i make you laugh with my redneck neighbors??

Nicole D said...

The redneck neighbors are what I aspire to be. You saw our trailer right?

Jamie Derfler said...

I love the seriously so blessed blog, she cracks me up.