Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Farm Country

Today was $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point. I took the kids and met Sonnet and her kids at Farm Country. I am so glad we were there early before the line started to form. When we left the line to get in was crazy long.

Jack really liked the goats.
This goat liked to peek over the cage. The boys with their cousin Avery.
Alyssa pet the horse once but then freaked out b/c he moved and tried to lick her. After that she was done with the horse.
I have many random pictures of a each of my children sitting on random animal statues. I am still not sure why my boys are always the first ones to think "hey lets sit on this statue". I love the randomness of their thinking.
Family shot, minus Gary-who was working.
Alyssa and Gavan behind bars. The funny thing is nobody told Alyssa to make this sad face, she did it then Gavan copied. Funny.
Alyssa wanted to ride a pink pony but had to settle on this one. Alyssa didn't want me to leave her side while riding the "worse" (as she calls it), she was a little nervous but had fun.

Tangent Alert: It is funny she can't say her "A's or "L's" when they are at beginning of a word and inserts a "H" in their place. But yet when she says horse she has to replace the "H" with a "W". I love listening to little kids talk and hear all the funny words they say.

Back to the pony rides:
Gavan wanted the biggest one of course.
Jack was okay with whatever horse came his way.

Thanks Sonnet for joining us, I don't think I would have braved it alone. Can't wait for Next week and the Dinosaur Museum, anyone else up for the adventure?


Jamie Derfler said...

I was actually thinking of taking my kids to the dinosaur museum on Tuesday if you are up for company.

Nicole D said...

Sure, We'll chat about details later.