Friday, June 20, 2008

Vegas day 2

The second day in Vegas was by far the most fun. We started off the day with an outdoor gonola ride at the Venetian hotel. We got their early so we could hear the Gonola drivers (for lack of a better word), sing their morning song. The ride was less than 15 minutes, but by the time it was over we were ready for some shade. It reached a mere 108 that day.

The only thing at this hotel that is to scale with the original is the tower.

For dinner we dined at Emril's in the MGM. We figure you only have one 10th anniversary so you need to do it right! I have never been to a place so fancy that they put your napkin on your lap for you. I bet they would have flossed my teeth had I asked. Ok, so maybe that is a stretch but the service was fabulous and the food even better. We decided to get the chef's tasting menus which consisted of 6 courses. They had to roll us out the doors when we were done, but boy was it worth it!!

Outside view of the restaurant.
A close up of the outside entrance and the bar.
This is an actual shot of the table where we sat. You can see the bar in the background.
They actually have photographers come to each table and take different posed shots of the each party. I don't particularly like the drinks in this photo, kinda of cheese but it turned out better than the other set.

After dinner we had tickets for the Wayne Brady show. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We were third row and dead center. I could have spit on him he was so close, not that I would ever do that but you get the idea. I love impromptu comedy, I alway have. One of my favorite shows was "whose line is it anyways?" This show had a similar format with lots of audience participation.

I wish I would have been brave enough to volunteer to go on stage, that would have been WAY fun. I kind wish we would have purchased back stage passes too, maybe next time.