Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!

So I just have to brag for a moment. I have the best SIL in the world. Let me give you some background information.

I have hinted many times to my husband and flat out told him that flowers would be nice from time to time. I think I have gotten flowers from him twice in 9 years The last time I brought this up was before our last child was born. He obviously didn't make the connection when 2 months prior to her birth I said, "it would be nice to have flowers when Sadie is born". I figured if I mentioned it from time to time he would make a connection and come up with his own holiday to surprise me.

On Valentine's day my SIL Emily and I were chatting about how our husbands failed to get us flowers on this "Day of Love". So Emily said, I'll send you flowers. I thought she was totally kidding. Well, today I got the most beautiful flower from Emily. Thanks Emily, you're the best.


Emily said...

I can say this here since cj doesn't check my list my of blog friends, so don't go snitching on me! I know i am going to get them either for mother's day or my birthday, because he keeps asking me which bouquet i kept saying i liked (tulips and irises).

I am glad that those flowers made you happy. We love you!