Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mini Mission

Our ward did "Mini Missions" with the youth. This entails them living by missionary rules for an entire week. Then at the end of the week they go out with their "companion" and teach a discussion to a family. We signed up to be one of the teaching families.

Each teaching family was asked to make a meal from where they served their mission. Gary served in Mississippi, so we made beans & rice with corn bread and peach cobbler for dessert. Now this isn't the sort of meal I normally make so I had to do some research in order to prepared it. After cooking all day, the missionaries assigned to our house were a no show. I was a bit frustrated after working hard to cook and clean.

After we had started dinner we got a call asking if a different set of missionaries could come to our house because the house they were assigned to only the wife was home. They had to live by mission rules, so they couldn't stay. I was glad someone was able to join us for dinner. We had a great time with the young men. I am glad it worked out in the end.


Emily said...

So, which cobbler recipe did you use? And, isn't it like missionaries to not show up at times, too, without a phone call??

Nicole said...

I pretty much used the recipe you sent me but with a few changes. I doubled the crust and instead of buttermilk I used half milk and half sour cream. It turned out great.