Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010

I had a lot of fun making our costumes this year. I think I must have been in withdrawal from not making anything new last year, but seeing that my sewing machine was in a storage unit somewhere in Texas last year I didn't have much choice.

This year we have a prisoner.

A mad-scientist.

Jack's only request was to have a cRaZy wig to go with his costume. On the day of the costume parade, Jack decided he needed glasses to wear with his costume. Since Gavan had worn the glasses to school for spirit week we had to quickly make a pair before school, hence the paper glasses.



Gary and I were going to have new costumes this year because I got started late. But every year his work does a costume contest with $300 going to first prize. He told me if I made a new AwEsOmE costume he'd wear it. (He isn't big into dressing up). I couldn't pass on that offer so we decided on Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty to begin with. Just over a week before halloween I saw a picture of a Charlie Brown costume with a HUGE paper maché head. I KNEW I had do it. After all I can't just sorta do a costume--I have to go all out--it's just what I do. Then I decided if I was gonna have a fake head I should be Lucy Van Pelt instead of Peppermint Patty because she's cuter. :) The only thing I didn't sew this year was Charlie Brown's shirt and pants, I bought them and cut off the pants and added my own zig-zag. I even dyed my first pair of socks this year. This year was a lot firsts for us for halloween. I've never made heads before either.

Charlie Brown

Lucy Van Pelt

Gary wore his costume to his work contest and we both wore them to the trunk or treat. They were pretty hard to see out of so we didn't wear them as much as we'd like. But, man they were sure fun.

Funny story about making the paper maché heads...We had these heads drying in the garage after we painted them with the door crack open to get a breeze to dry them faster. There was an older couple who walked past and got a good chuckle out of what they saw sitting in our garage. I am sure they thought we were a bunch of perverts. Here is what they saw...