Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Man's Junk ... Another Man's Treasure

Here are some of the treasures we found in my dad's garage.

Yes this is a piece of wood covered in antique contact paper. Lets just say the contact paper is as old as I am. Notice the orange and green motif from circa 1970.
Knives, not just a couple but MANY knives were found. These one's just scream Serial Killer! We had pocket knives, electric knives and kitchen knives as well.
Russ (my brother) and Cameron contemplating why you'd need a gutter cleaner attachment for a shop vac. I don't think we ever came up with a good answer for that one.

Notice the genuine look of disgust as Sonnet peeks in a drawer.
Yes, this was a common look among ALL of us as we cleaned out the garage. WTH? is something that went through our heads a lot!

Cameron found a treasure. This is a windshield squeegee that squirts out window cleaner.

This is one of my personal favorites. Now why would anyone need a grill for a vehicle? To put on the riding lawn mower of course! Makes perfect sense now.

This red school bell is something from my childhood. Nope, it wasn't the recess bell from my elementry school. This very bell was attached to our garage phone. Yep every time the phone rang this is what everyone outside heard. Good thing we lived on an acre.

This old thing brings back MANY memories for all my siblings. The ooga horn as it is affectionately named, was attached to all our cars growing up. My VW rabbit had one in high school, my Toyota Camry had one in college. My dad's VW truck had one attached to the kick panel, all you had to do was knee it and you could honk the horn. These are just the cars from my childhood. You'd have to ask my siblings about their cars. Oh the memories!

Things I wish we would have gotten pictures of...
The glass pickle jars (8 to be exact) and yes they were empty. Just waiting their turn to have screws and nails put in them.

All the medicine bottles that contained nails and screws. We filled at least two large boxes with those alone. Don't forget about the empty ones that had yet to fill their destiny.

The HUGE lion head door knocker.

A before and after picture.

So far we have made 7 truck loads to storage and 3 to the dump. The truck on the right is mostly wood scraps ready to go to the dump. I am not allowed to take a close up picture of what is going to the dump for fear my dad my will recognize something and forever hold it against us.

While packing up the garage we came to the realization the garage and garbage are only one letter different Hmmm...makes you wonder if there is a connection. Maybe we can tell my dad we misread a few boxes that said "garage" and thought they said "garbage" so we chucked them.


wendy said...

oh nicole...i can't even imagine! looks like a lot of treasures/ me. can you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet?