Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Toss it

I am trying to get rid of baby clothes as Sadie outgrows them. It is sometimes hard to not hold on to them just because of the memories. My new approach is to take a final picture of her in some of the outfits I am going to get rid of. This way I still have the memory but not a ton of boxed up clothes I won't need again.

The shirt reads little fire cracker. I love the read embroidery on the carpi's.
This outfit is one of the first things I bought when I was pregnant with Alyssa and found out I was having a girl. Mervyn's has great clearance sales.
Sadie loves to pull her bows off. I am pretty sure she thinks it is funny to tease me about the bows. She will look at me, grin, and give a tug. She is a funny kid.

She has very little hair so I like to have bows in when we leave the house or take pictures. I don't want anyone to think my baby is a boy. I can't wait for her to grow some hair.


ninni said...

That is such a good idea Nicole! I too don't want to get rid of the clothes because of the memories. ~Wendy