Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thursday Classes

So I want to blog about some of the things I learned over the last few days. So here is a highlight of the some of the classes I attended.

The opening session speaker was Sheri Dew.
Here are some things she said that I liked:

“It is impossible to NOT have an influence on others.”

“It is up to us to “influence the world, not to be influenced by the world...Walk away from the world”

“ You don’t have to have fame, money or a title to be influential or to be somebody.

Sister Dew challenged us to do 1 thing to better ourselves and those around: turn off 1 TV show and spend time in the scriptures, talk to1 more person at church this week, attend 1 more temple session this year.

What is one thing you will do this year?
I really like this challenge and I am going to commit to "doing 1 more thing".

The next session I attended was “Balancing Act: the benefits of extracurricular activities versus the dangers of overscheduling children.

The things that stuck out in this session were….
• Separate the necessary & the optional. You don’t have to go to every birthday party you are invited to. Consider each an invitation and not an obligation.
• Children should have say in what activities they do. Don’t live your dreams through your children.
• Have dinner together-as often as possible
• Have fun with your children, let them be kids. Have unstructured time together. Make working together fun.

Another session I attended was called "Stress Busters"

* The speaker advised that we look at stressful situations as a challenge and an experience for personal development.

* Is it a burden or a challenge? Let stress be a blessing and take it as a challenge. Do you have to do it or do you GET to go it? If you look as stress as an opportunity were you get to do something it creates less stress.

* The man who spoke related a story of his busy schedule and how well his wife took the challenge of caring for the family by herself most nights, while he was meetings. His wife told him that she was ok with his busy responsibilities because she knew that if he could be home with the family instead he would be.

This is an area where I can improve. I sometimes get frustrated when things take away from our "unstructured family time", as it is so limited. I can be difficult to just suck it up and move on. I am going to try to remember this wise womens comment "he'd be here if he could" and let that motivate me to quietly endure.