Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just toss it!

I have been stalking a new blog lately, the Organized Mom.
Each day of the week has a different topic:
Monday - Cleaning/Organizing Your Stuff
Tuesday - Time Management
Wednesday - Budget and Finance
Thursday - Cooking/Food
Friday - Household Potpourri (Anything Goes… Clutter, Emergency Prep., Tech Tips, Etc.)
Saturday - Relationships or Raising Children
Sunday - Sunday Funday!

It is a great site to get ideas from. Early this week she issued a challenge to declutter your house by getting ride of one thing each day. It doesn't matter how you get rid of it, you can toss it, donate it or sell, just get it out. There are no rules. I loved this idea!!! I hate clutter--it drives me nuts! I need everything to have it's own place or I freak out. I guess maybe I am a little OCD too (even though looking at my house you'd never know--I blame that on having 4 kids).

I have been really good at getting rid of stuff the last 6 months or so. I must have made 4 trips to D.I. each one with enough stuff to fill my trunk. I figure since we are trying to prepare to move it is a great time to purge. This challenge shouldn't be hard for me, I just started today and am already caught up and we are now on day 17 of the challenge. I guess it helps that I have oodles of baby things that Sadie and the boys have out grown and I don't get attached to stuff easily.


Gary Dusbabek said...

So our house has less stuff in it now, but our front yard is littered with the stuff Nicole has been discarding.

Nicole & Gary said...

If Gary doesn't watch it the next this I will toss will be him. :) I send him packing to live with her parents and make him take ALL the kids. :)

Bethany M said...

I love the comments between you and Gary! Classic.
I've been inspired. My only problem is that I need Kevin's help to get rid of stuff (like a tv I can't carry down the stairs). I can't stand clutter.

Nicole & Gary said...

Gary used to say he was afraid to travel for work for fear of what stuff of his would be missing when he got back. After all, if I have no attachment to my stuff I definitely don't have feelings for his stuff.

Emily said...

I agree emphatically with you on that one, nicole. And, months can go by before cj even knows it's missing.